QRF Magazine 軍物特搜 雙月刊

【QRF.MAG 軍物特搜】是一本關於歷史/軍事/玩具/戶外的休閒綜合誌,以輕鬆詼諧、深入淺出的方式介紹各類軍事歷史、戶外活動相關資訊、不局限於傳統軍事題材,軍事也是一種流行元素,軍事也可以很貼近生活,只要您熱愛冒險、喜愛新鮮的事物,【QRF.MAG 軍物特搜】不必是軍事迷也能讀得懂、讀得有趣!

QRF.MAG is a diverse magazine which combines with history, military affairs, toys, outdoor event, brining you all kinds of military history, outdoor activity in relax and casual way. Military topics without any limitation can also be something close to our daily life, or even fashionable, besides, you don’t have to be a military fan to get in the QRF.MAG, but a heart of adventure and curiosity of all new things, then QRF will satisfy your need.



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